5 Steps to a Professional Image by Photo Editing London

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Transforming a picture from raw form to a professional look requires a step wise process. Read on to know how Photo Editing London follows this procedure for getting amazing results.

Undoubtedly the quality of an image can be improved as well as various changes effected by editing it. But for the required impact, you have to follow a step by step procedure. Photo Editing London adopts a systematic approach in this regard which results in a complete makeover the picture.

Moreover the systematic procedure as undertaken by Photo Editing London promises envious results that too much fast and in an easy to do manner. The five best practices for editing pictures have been underlined here below:

Step 1 – Resize the picture
You must have noticed that a raw picture when clicked generally contains more area than required. Hence the first step for editing is to resize the raw picture as per the requirements. Also, as large images take longer time to download, while smaller ones look blur when enlarged, images have to be optimized in the viewing context.

Step 2 – Crop the image
After resizing the next step is to crop the image to get a proper composition of the subject and the background. Often the images are taken from a far off point, wherein cropping the extra part brings you closer to the actual action, resulting in proper alignment and composition.

Step 3 – Remove background distractions
Sometimes the image has a background in which there are unrelated objects or colors, which attract the attention of the viewer more than the actual subject. Although such backgrounds should be avoided while taking the shot, but if still some distracting elements creep in, they have to be removed while editing. If there is a clear thing that has to be removed, it can be cropped; but in case of a tricky situation, the disturbing area can be softened by blurring or diffusing it.

Step 4 – Fade for natural effect
To provide a natural effect, the changes done through Photo Editing London need to be done with an element of subtlety.  Giving too much of any effect draws away from the original look and feel. Hence it is pertinent that we fade the artificial effects to make the changes look subtle and natural.

Step 5 – Sharpen the image
The final step is to sharpen the vital parts of the image, as it cleans up the image. You have to identify the area where sharpening matters the most, like the eyes of a person. Moreover, always remember to do the sharpening after setting the image at 100% zoom. Also, do not go in for any editing after this last procedure of sharpening.

If implemented as per the above five steps, Photo Editing London is sure to transform your image beyond imagination, resulting in much more views for better reach of your collaterals.


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