5 Basic Tools in Photoshop Image Editing

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The magic that Photoshop Image Editing provides to your pictures is made possible by using some basic selection tools at the first instance. Read to learn about these inevitable tools.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Adobe Photoshop has rapidly emerged as the de facto industry standard as far as graphic designing and editing is concerned. Most of the photos and images that you see in magazines, newspapers and other collaterals have, in all probability, undergone Photoshop Image Editing to some extent.

Although there are many tools along with a horde of latest apps used to pop up average images through Photoshop Image Editing, but some basic, or key selection tools as they are called, have to be used at every stage in this process. 

As we open a file for Photoshop Image Editing, the first tool that we think of is the Marquee, which is used to mark an area or select a shape which has to be edited. It is used in the same way as you select files on your computer, by clicking and dragging. Once the area has been selected, it will be outlined by dotted lines, referred to as "marching ants". 

Another important too is Lasso, which works like the marquee, but allows “freehand” selection of shapes. The main lasso is the fastest but least accurate selection option, while the polygon lasso is similar but requires you to click to create anchor points. The third option is the magnetic lasso, which helps you follow the edge of an object. All three tools require you to close the object before it can be selected.

Next comes the Magic Wand, through which you can select areas based on pixels of similar values. It selects all neighboring pixels of similar value within a tolerance level set by the user. You can change the color by increasing or decreasing the tolerance, allowing you to select only particular areas or entire objects. This tool is inferior to the quick selection tool which works the same but with much better controls and results.
As you move ahead with editing, you may need to erase some content on the active layer, which can be easily done by the Eraser. The eraser converts the pixels to transparent, unless the background layer is selected. This tool is unique in that it can take the form of the paintbrush and pencil tools
Finally comes the Quick Selection Tool, the most common and highly useful selection tool for editing particular areas of an image. It is a combination of the magic wand and magnetic lasso tools. You can click and drag to select the contiguous areas of an image you would like to alter.

The above selection tools are inevitable in Photoshop Image Editing for selecting all or any part of a picture to perform cut, copy, edit, or retouching operations, thus imparting the professional touch to your image.


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