Digital Photography And Its Advantages

Thursday, January 14, 2010

digital photographyOne of the most latest and the modern technique of this century is digital photography. Mostly every body love photography. Some choose photography as profession while some commence it as a hobby. Digital photography creates a revolution in the photography industry as it is about half of the cost of traditional photography with better quality. Digital photography also enables us that we can print or easily share our snaps.

Advance techniques, quality and cheapness are some of its features that make digital photography significantly popular among people and a major factor due to which its completely capture the market and replaces the traditional or film photography version.

The most important instrument of digital photography is a digital camera. Quality of a picture is mostly depends upon the camera that a photographer is using while taking the snaps. Your skills also matters but a camera makes lot of difference. In the past few years the quality and technology of the digital cameras have also increases.

Unlike traditional cameras, digital cameras have the capacity of storage and this storage space is used for storing snaps and can be reused over and over again with no extra cost whereas in the film cameras you have to use film to take the snaps and when it is full then you have to replace it with new one and that incur some extra cost for you. Other advantage of digital photography is that snaps that have you taken from your digital camera can be processed using any photo editing tool using your own personal computer. For that you require some basic knowledge of any photo editing tool.


Red Apple said...

Fully Agree on this one! I have an EOS RT (Film) and wanted to upgrade to Digital. But i wanted to get rid of the EOS RT 1st. One day, I'll have to upgrade to Digital.

Crazyhorse said...

You have a nice blog!teach me with photo editing I want to lean.

I want to apply in one of my blogs!


tobes said...

hey nicce post :) i wish i had a better camera to tke photos with ^_^ i'm now following you so pls return the favour by followin me back!
xo happy bloging

Shamima Sultana said...

wow..great post...
I wish too that i could have a camera like this!!

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