Useful Tips for Digital Image Printing

Friday, November 20, 2009

digital image printing

Although, there are many ways to sharpen your image, however, I use some of not very well known techniques. I've really taken to SmartSharpen in CS2 that has become my favorite as I get excellent results out from it. The technique may seem to you somewhat complicated, but it is the best technique as it results in best solutions. And image editing is something that is known for the best results.

This is how I do it. After finishing all my edit exercises and resizing operations i.e. 72 dpi, 800 pixels for web sharing, I get ready for the final assault to get that stunning picture. Thereafter as the norm says, I duplicate the background layer. This is the stage, which must be followed by running SmartSharpen at 0.6 pixels and 90%. I do it for removing the lens blur. After repeating it on the same settings, the exercise is repeated, however, to remove gaussian blur this time. After that I set the duplicate (sharpened) layer to Darken. At this stage one must check the over sharpened areas, if any. This must be followed by making a layer mask and mask out (partially or completely) those areas. The layer then must be adjusted opacity as per the wish only to get ready for flattening it.

After attaining this, one must be ready for duplicating the background layer. Then again the whole exercise is repeated as above. However, set it to 0.6 pixels, 60%, this time and repeat it for two times. This must be done with the layer-blending mode to ‘Lighten’. You could also use soft brush as well. I use it ~30% hardness., 15 pixels, with around 60% opacity. Try the same procedure and I am sure that you will be completely satisfied with the results.


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