Top 5 Image Editing Software: Very Useful For Amateur Photographer

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Image Editing Software

No matter what kind of image you want to deal with, image-editing software has become simply inevitable. Indeed, it is ubiquitous in this digital age. Be it then a web interface, photo restoration, or simply cropping, image editing is something that is known for enhancing your family photos with élan. Whatever you do with photographs, you need your favorite image editor to enhance the quality of a photo.

Here is the list that gives you top 5 image editing applications, which you can use in accordance with your wish. The list has been made after asking many of the designers about the same.

Pixelmator is one of the 5th powerful images editing software that was chosen by them. It is a fast and reliable image editing software. It has a good Graphical User Interface (GUI), which supports layers to organize the documents.

Inkscape is one of the other images editing software specifically used for open source vector. It is much like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Xara X.

Fireworks is yet another image editing software, which is known for doing some excellent work for the web designers. Fireworks image editing software is immensely popular in image editing software tools as many web designers select it. It is one of those tools that enjoyed top tools for web designers.

GIMP which comes with many features. GIMP bears a huge set of image retouching tools thus enabling the one to perform advanced image retouching and manipulation techniques.

Apart from these mentioned images editing software, Photoshop reigns supreme among all. Photoshop comes with all the more significant tools of image editing and is very popular among the graphic designers and web designers.


plainolebob said...

very nice, i am just now learning

AlexPC said...

Thanks for the useful post, I was looking for an alternative to Photoshop and this came in handy.

forever jantan said...

very useful..good job

thenone said...

firework is the one of my favorite image editing before.. right now im using gimp.. great fire by dreamweaver(adobe)

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