Image Processing: Include Every Aspect To Generate A High Quality Image

Monday, September 14, 2009

Image processing is a very important concept now days. But the main question is that what you understand by image processing. Image processing is a method in which we provide image as input and outcome may be an image which is processed in terms of characteristics or parameters related to the image.

Process of image processing includes various processes such as manipulation of image, enhancement of picture, conversion, photo masking and image montage etc.

Photo Enhancement: It is process that is related to colorization of a black and white photograph, add and removal of image background, image retouching etc.

Image Conversion: It is a process that transform image into vector art.

Image Masking: It is a process of changing the background of images which is not possible by Photoshop Tool. Masking is generally performed on the images which are blur or having very thin portion.

Image Manipulation: It is a process in which we modify a photograph by adding objects, in the background or foreground.

Background Removal: It is a process that involves removal of background from the image and provides much soft and clean look.

Image Montage: It is a process that helps us in combining the photographs or joining photographs.

The process of image processing covers all the above aspects and restore your old damage photos. Main advantages of image processing include creation of high quality of the image, affordable process, manipulation of every aspect of image.


Nitish Kunal said...

hi........... great work....


Just dropping by to say hi to a newfound friend. I suggest you try looking around for a foto blogging theme or a magazine theme with slideshows enabled so that visitors' experience would be nice in viewing your photos.

Nice work! Keep it up!

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